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How do I store my meat when I get home?

Take meat out of plastic bag and place on a plate gently cover

How long do you cook a roast?

As a rule 30mins per 500gms. Except for Beef take 10mins off for medium rare.

What is the best way to cook a steak?

Hot Pan or Grill
4 Minutes each side for medium rare.
5 Minutes each side for medium.
6 Minutes each side for well done.

How long does Cryo Vac meat last?

Chicken - 2-3 Days
Pork - 7 Days at the most as the meat is quite moist in its raw state.
Beef - 3-4 Weeks and will continue its natural ageing process

Can I Cryo Vac sausages?

Only If frozen first or they will explode during vacuum process.

How long can I keep mince for?

As a rule 24hrs is as long as it is safe to keep uncooked mince as we don't add any preservatives.

Is your Beef grass fed?

All our Meat is Free Range & Grass Fed.

Are all your Sausages Gluten Free?

All our sausages are Gluten Free and made with fresh ingredients.

How to get the Perfect pork crackle?

Make sure the skin is dry, pour olive oil over the skin and rub in well then sprinkle salt over the entire surface. Cook for the first 25minutes at a very hot oven of 240 degrees. Then turn down for the remainder of cooking process.

Why is it important to cook chicken properly?

All raw meat and a range of other foods contain bacteria and most are harmless. However, some of these bacteria in large quantities can produce food poisoning. Normal cooking temperatures very easily kill these organisms, therefore, if you cook chicken properly and follow basic hygienic food handling practices in the kitchen then the risk is remove